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AE Osama Bin Laden In the Name of Allah discount movies

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A&E Osama Bin Laden: In the Name of Allah (DVD)

A&E Osama Bin Laden: In the Name of Allah
Package: retail case.
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Product Code: pc16787

Get To Know The World's Most Wanted Terrorist!

They are the men and women who populate or dreams, excite our imaginations, shock us, inspire us, and entertain us. Join hosts Harry Smith, Peter Graves, and Jack Perkins as A&E's BIOGRAPHY® profiles the most important people of our century and centuries past. Rare footage, new research, and exclusive interviews go beyond the myths to bring their stories to you. The People You Thought You Knew

Osama Bin Laden: In the Name of Allah

He was born into wealth and privilege, and afforded every opportunity those blessings can confer. He chose instead to embrace a culture of violence and hatred.

For years, Osama Bin Laden was a shadowy figure to most of the world. But the tragic events of September 11, 2001 thrust him into the spotlight as the most wanted fugitive on earth. Through careful analysis and interviews with people who have met him, like ABC reporter John Miller, A&E's BIOGRAPHY® tells the story of Bin Laden's life, tracing his transformation from a wealthy youth to the leader of a global terror network. Milt Bearden, the former CIA field officer for Afghanistan, recalls the role that Bin Laden played in that country's fight with the Soviet Union, while the former FBI Chief of Domestic Terrorism sheds light on how Bin Laden's operations work.

Exhaustive, objective and utterly compelling, this DVD presentation is one of the most important A&E's BIOGRAPHY® episodes ever goes beyond the headlines to reveal the man whose twisted vision led to one of the darkest days in history.

WARNING: This program may only be used for private home and non-profit educational use.

features  DVD Features:
  • Format: DVD, Color
  • Language Tracks: English
  • Rated: Not rated.
  • NTSC, Region 1
  • Running Time: 50 Minutes
Product Code: pc16787
Package: retail case.
Only 39 left in stock!
A&E Osama Bin Laden: In the Name of Allah
Planet Price: FREE plus S&D
Compare at $24.99 retail.
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