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Great Events of Our Century Legacy Into the Unknown discount movies

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Great Events of Our Century: Legacy / Into the Unknown (DVD)

Great Events of Our Century: Legacy / Into the Unknown
Package: 1997.
Planet Price: FREE plus S&D
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Only 6 left in stock!
Product Code: pc15106

Our children will inherit a legacy from a century of dramatic change - a legacy generated by a hundred years of technological and political hyper-activity. They will undoubtedly gain from the technological revolution, but they will also have to endure the consequences of our mistakes and follies.

An ever-expanding population will be forced into a shrinking world where our multiple identities and loyalties to family, community, nation and planet will vie for a balanced co-existence.

The manipulation and conquest of our environment, our exploitation of new systems of communication, our increased understanding of our psychological make-up, and the increased sophistication of our weapons of destruction all highlight one alarming fact: for all the obvious changes in our surroundings, one thing hasn't changed: man himself.

Into The Unknown
Since the dawn of time, our insatiable curiosity has made us strive to know more about our universe, our planet, and ourselves. If there is a frontier, we must cross it; if a mountain stands there, we must climb it. And we want to do it more quickly, against greater danger, forever testing our strength and ingenuity.

This episode meets those indomitable heroes who have always been ready to meet the task, and tries to understand why challenging the unknown is so important to humanity.

Special Features:

  • Biographies
  • History Altering Events
  • Questions & Answers
  • Ratings Classifications
  • Direct Scene Access

features  DVD Features:
  • Format: DVD, Color
  • Language Tracks: English
  • Rated: Not rated.
  • NTSC, Region 1
  • Running Time: 120 min.
Product Code: pc15106
Package: 1997.
Only 6 left in stock!
Great Events of Our Century: Legacy / Into the Unknown
Planet Price: FREE plus S&D
Compare at $9.98 retail.
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