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Click for complete description Sushi Frenzy
FREE plus Shipping & Delivery.
Keep your customers happy by preparing their orders with the right ingredients as quickly as possible. With the money you earn you can buy upgrades for your restaurant, and eventually buy new restaurants. Make your family proud and become a superstar chef! Windows 7/Vista/XP View
Click for complete description Temple Runner
FREE plus Shipping & Delivery.
Retail: $19.99
The sinister Black Star Cult has kidnapped brave adventurer Johnny Jones Junior's beloved Betty! She's imprisoned somewhere in the depths of the shadowy Temple, and it's up to Johnny Jr. to rescue her! Run, shoot, jump and climb your way through ancient Egyptian labyrinths as you follow the trail of the kidnappers. But beware...danger and mystery lurk around every corner! Windows XP View
Click for complete description The Amazing Treasure Machine
FREE plus Shipping & Delivery.
Travel around the world with the Professor's amazing machine and uncover incredible hidden treasures! Explore locations around the globe, from a spooky castle surrounded by ghosts and bats, to the frozen wastes of the north pole, to an underwater land populated by jellyfish and divers. Don't let the scenery distract you too much, though...a fortune in gold and jewels is waiting just for you! Windows 7/Vista/XP View
Click for complete description The Enchanted Unicorn
FREE plus Shipping & Delivery.
Retail: $19.99
Step into a world where unicorns run free and fairies and elves inhabit the forest! Exciting mysteries will lead you to treasures hidden in fairy ruins as you seek out opals, shop for special items and search the landscape for useful objects. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable adventure and save the fairies and elves of this precious magical world! Windows 7/Vista/XP View
Click for complete description The Last Bounty Hunter
FREE plus Shipping & Delivery.
The Territory has been overrun, and you're the last hope to rid the town of the four vicious outlaws - Handsome Harry, Nasty Dan, El Loco and the Cactus Kid. You better be quick, 'cause they're looking to get you too! Based on the Arcade Smash Hit by American Laser Games! Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/95 View
Click for complete description The Secret of Casanova
FREE plus Shipping & Delivery.
Retail: $19.99
When Casanova's diary surfaces after being lost for hundreds of years, it's up to you to use your power as a world class sleuth to solve a mystery shrouded with love! What secret does Casanova's diary hold? Set out on the trail of Casanova as it leads you to the most beautiful and romantic places in the world. As you close in on the trail, you must solve challenging puzzles, discover clues and hidden objects, and play fascinating mini games! Windows 7/Vista/XP View
Click for complete description The Treasures of Mystery Island
FREE plus Shipping & Delivery.
When Alex's plane suddenly loses altitude, he parachutes his way into an unexpected tropical adventure! As he tries to find a way off the island, he must seek and find missing objects, solve intricate puzzles and play fascinating mini games. Discover the clues and fit the pieces together in this thrilling hunt for treasure! Windows 7/Vista/XP View
Tough Trucks Modified Monsters Tough Trucks Modified Monsters
FREE plus Shipping & Delivery.
Retail: $14.95
It's time to start bending wrenches and checking the tire pressure. You're about to enter the most intense "Modified Monster" truck racing action to hit the PC! Kids close your eyes, parents close your ears, this action is fast, furious and if you're not careful.... your truck could become a mangled hunk of junk! Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000/ME/98 View
Save Treasure Cove! Treasure Cove
$5.99 plus Shipping & Delivery.
The Master of Mischief has destroyed the Rainbow Bridge! You must use your skills to answer riddles about the sea, stop the evil goobies, and rebuild the Rainbow Bridge. It's mind over marine mischief as you search for hidden gems and save Treasure Cove! Ages 5-9. Windows 7 (32-bit)/Vista/95 View
Click for complete description Ultimate Paintball Challenge
FREE plus Shipping & Delivery.
Retail: $19.99
Charge through the brush, watching over your shoulder. Feel the air pumping through your lungs and the adrenaline rushing through your veins. You are the Captain of your paintball team. Handpick your team members, outfit them with authentic safety gear and paintball markers, and execute the strategies that will lead you to victory. Choose from 10 different large-scale maps. Get in your gear. Get the enemy in your sights. Get in the action. Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/98/95 View
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