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Pocketware Fur Puppies free software

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Pocketware Fur Puppies

Pocketware Fur Puppies
Package: mini jewel case.
Planet Price: FREE plus S&D
Compare at $14.95 retail.
Systems: Windows XP, 95/98/2000
Product Code: pc15845
In Stock.
Help two abandonded puppies survive in a harsh city and find their way home!

Pon and Pupis, two puppies bought by a family shortly after being born, are brutally abandonded. Alone and lost in the middle of the city, they only have each other in a world that rejects them. Together they must find enough courage to undertake the long journey to a true home. Help them on the long adventure that awaits them and give them back the joy that man's cruelty has taken from them.

Travel through a rocky area, swim in a deep lake, cross a snow-filled mountain slope and enter a haunted castle.


  • 6 levels with lots of action sequences
  • 1 or 2 player mode
  • 3 screen resolutions
  • Beautiful and colorful graphics
  • Full-version game!

IMPORTANT! Fits 99% of all CD-ROM drives. Horizontal Tray Loading CD drives only. No slot loading or vertical drives.

Pocketware is:

  • Full-version games on mini-CDs
  • Hours of fun for the whole family
  • Cool gift idea that fits in your pocket
  • Only 1/4 the size of a regular retail jewel case
  • Great for traveling
Screen Shot Screen Shot Screen Shot 
System  Minimum System Requirements:
Systems: Windows XP, 95/98/2000
Windows: Horizontal Tray CD drive*; Pentium 100 MHz; 8 MB RAM; 60 MB hard disk space; DirectX 7.0 or higher; DirectX compatible video card; Windows compatible 16-bit sound card; speakers; keyboard; mouse.

* IMPORTANT! Fits 99% of all CD-ROM drives. Horizontal Tray Loading CD drives only. Your CD-ROM drive must have a flat tray that extends outward for CD loading. Inserting this disk into a slot (no tray) or vertical drive may damage your hardware!

Product Code: pc15845
Package: mini jewel case.
In Stock.
Pocketware Fur Puppies
Planet Price: FREE plus S&D
Compare at $14.95 retail.
Software Packaging:

Jewel case
CD-ROM is in the original jewel case. Includes the paper inserts originally packaged with the product, unless otherwise stated in our online catalog.

CD-ROM is in a new plain paper sleeve. (Help files and/or a user manual can be accessed from within the program after installation.)

Sleeve with manual
CD-ROM is in a new plain paper or cardboard sleeve. The original manual or instruction sheet is included.

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