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Survival The Ultimate Challenge discount software

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Survival: The Ultimate Challenge

Survival: The Ultimate Challenge
Package: jewel case.
Planet Price: FREE plus S&D
Compare at $19.99 retail.
Systems: Windows 7, Vista/XP, 95/98
Product Code: pc18345
Only 37 left in stock!
Man is no longer the master of his fate - YOU ARE!

Scared, injured and stranded in the middle of nowhere, the survivors hope for rescue. They don't know it yet, but together they have the means to survive. You need to guide them to work together and meet everyone's needs of hunger, thirst, energy, health, and hope. In the wild, priorities are constantly changing and you will need to make crititcal decisions that will affect everyone's well-being.

Most importantly, how will YOU guide them to survival?

  • Real time strategy survival challenges that test practical intelligence, leadership and resource management
  • Characters are randomly chosen to ensure hours and hours of endless gameplay
  • Variety of location specific challenges: type & amount of resources, predators, & weather conditions
  • Maintain the needs and increase the skills of the people in mission-based play
  • Each level provides a new degree of challenge for your skills
Screen Shot Screen Shot Screen Shot 
Rating: E for Everyone
System  Minimum System Requirements:
Systems: Windows 7, Vista/XP, 95/98
  • Pentium 200MHz (Recommended: Pentium II 266MHz)
  • 32MB RAM (Recommended: 64MB RAM)
  • 250MB Hard Drive Space
  • 100% Compatible Open GL Video Card w/ 8MB Video RAM (Recommended: 16MB Video RAM)
  • Sound Card
  • Mouse and Keyboard
Product Code: pc18345
Package: jewel case.
Only 37 left in stock!
Survival: The Ultimate Challenge
Planet Price: FREE plus S&D
Compare at $19.99 retail.
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