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Zane Library Collection 179 CD ROMs discount software

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Zane Library Collection (179 CD-ROMs)

Zane Library Collection (179 CD-ROMs)
Package: Case.
Planet Price: $99.00 plus S&D
Systems: Windows XP, 95/98/2000
Product Code: pc20484
Only 14 left in stock!
The ultimate Zane Library Collection with 179 CD-ROMs on various education subjects for elementary-high school! Save OVER $1000 with this Zane Collection! Expand your thirst for knowledge in this awesome educational collection.
    Subjects include African American History, American Literature, American Pioneer, Animal Kingdom, Art History, Bio Science, British Literature, Crime, Elementary Science, Elementary U.S. History, Endangered Species, Great Works of Art, Isaac Asimov Astronomy, Junior Science, Library Skills, Merriam Webster's Dictionaries, Music Appreciation, Music History, Native American History, Social Sciences, US Geography, US History, Women in Literature, World History, World Literature, Writing Series and more!

    Zane Library CD-ROMs include:
  • Zane: Afr Amer His: A Cultural Heritage (African American History)
  • Zane: Amer Lit: Henry David Thoreau :Time, Life & Works
  • Zane: Amer Lit: Last of the Mohicans
  • Zane: Amer Lit: Little Woman ~ Call of the Wild
  • Zane: Amer Lit: Nathaniel Hawthorne : Time, Life, & Works
  • Zane: Amer Lit: The Jungle ~ The Grapes of Wrath
  • Zane: Amer Lit: Walt Whitman: Time, Life, & Works
  • Zane: Amer Pioneer: Covered Wagons & Westward Expansion
  • Zane: Amer Pioneer: Daniel Boone & Amer Experience
  • Zane: Amer Pioneer: Mountain Men & Gold Seekers
  • Zane: Amer Pioneer: Ohio Boatmen & Farmers
  • Zane: Amer Pioneer: Old Texas & Trail Drivers
  • Zane: Amer Pioneer: Texas Buffalo Hunters & Warriors
  • Zane: Animal Kingdom: Amphibians & Reptiles
  • Zane: Animal Kingdom: Birds: Ostriches through Guinea Fowl
  • Zane: Animal Kingdom: Fish: Urocordates & Craniata through Fish
  • Zane: Animal Kingdom: Insects: Springtails through Wasps and Bees
  • Zane: Animal Kingdom: Mammals: Canids through Sheep
  • Zane: Animal Kingdom: Mollusks: Segmented Worms, and Minor Phyla
  • Zane: Animal Kingdom: NonInsect: Arthropods and Echinoderms
  • Zane: Animal Kingdom: Sponges, Anemones, Corals, and Flatworms
  • Zane: Animal: Classification of Simple Organisms
  • Zane: Animal: Classification of Vertebrates
  • Zane: Animal: How Animals are Classified
  • Zane: Apollo 13 A Week in Space
  • Zane: Art Hist: Ancient Greece
  • Zane: Art Hist: Ancient Rome
  • Zane: Art Hist: Native Amer & Colonial Art
  • Zane: Art Hist: Romanticism
  • Zane: Art Hist: The Baroque
  • Zane: Art Hist: The Enlightenment
  • Zane: Art Hist: The Middle Ages
  • Zane: Art Hist: The Pre-Modern Era
  • Zane: Art Hist: The Renaissance
  • Zane: Art Hist: The Twentieth Century
  • Zane: Bio Science: Biochemistry 1
  • Zane: Bio Science: Biochemistry 2
  • Zane: Bio Science: Biomes 1
  • Zane: Bio Science: Botany
  • Zane: Bio Science: Cell Biology 1
  • Zane: Bio Science: Cell Biology 2
  • Zane: Bio Science: Ecosystems
  • Zane: Bio Science: Evolution
  • Zane: Bio Science: Genetics<
  • Zane: Bio Science: Heredity
  • Zane: Bio Science: Intro to Vertebrates
  • Zane: Bio Science: Plant Anatomy
  • Zane: Bio Science: Structure of the Cell
  • Zane: Bio Science: The Five Kingdoms of Life
  • Zane: Brit Lit: Beowulf thru Hamlet
  • Zane: Brit Lit: Charles Dickens: Time, Life, & Works
  • Zane: Brit Lit: Geoffrey Chaucer: Time, Life, & Works
  • Zane: Brit Lit: Lyrical Ballads thru Silas Marner
  • Zane: Brit Lit: Paradise Lost thru Ivanhoe
  • Zane: Brit Lit: Shakespeare's London
  • Zane: Brit Lit: Shakespeare's Theater
  • Zane: Brit Lit: Thomas Hardy: Time, Life, & Works
  • Zane: Brit Lit: War of the Worlds thru Brave New World
  • Zane: Brit Lit: William Shakespeare: Time, Life, & Works
  • Zane: Brit Lit: William Wordsworth: Time, Life, & Works
  • Zane: Christianity & Civilization (Religious Studies)
  • Zane: Crime: Ency of 20th Century Murder
  • Zane: Crime: Ency of Assasination
  • Zane: Crime: Ency of Con Artists & Confidence Games
  • Zane: Crime: Ency of Criminal Language
  • Zane: Crime: Ency of JFK Assassination
  • Zane: Crime: Ency of Organized Crime
  • Zane: Dr Schiller's Chess Game & How to Play Chess
  • Zane: Elem Science: Animals
  • Zane: Elem Science: The Human Body
  • Zane: Elem Science: The Solar System
  • Zane: Elem US Hist: Staying One Nation
  • Zane: Elementary Science: Plants
  • Zane: Ency of US Endangered Species
  • Zane: Government By The People
  • Zane: Great Works of the Art Explained 1
  • Zane: Great Works of the Art Explained 2
  • Zane: Isaac Asimov: The Solar System
  • Zane: Issac Asimov: Astronomy
  • Zane: Issac Asimov: Space Exploration
  • Zane: Issac Asimov: Space Speculation
  • Zane: Issac Asimov: The Inner Planets
  • Zane: Issac Asimov: The Outer Planets
  • Zane: Issac Asimov: The Universe
  • Zane: Jr Science: How Plants are Clasified
  • Zane: Jr Science: Intro to Microscope
  • Zane: Jr Science: Seed Plants - Gymnosperms & Angiosperms
  • Zane: Jr Science: Simple Photosynthetic Organisms - Algae to Ferns
  • Zane: Jr Science: The Earth
  • Zane: Jr Science: The Universe
  • Zane: Jr Science: Understand Weather & Climate
  • Zane: Leading Black Amer 2 (African American History)
  • Zane: Library Skills: Using the Almanac
  • Zane: Library Skills: Using the Atlas
  • Zane: Library Skills: Using the Dictionary
  • Zane: Library Skills: Using the Encyclopedia
  • Zane: Lit Art: Understanding Biographies
Note: These CDs are not licensed for use in schools, colleges, or public libraries
System  Minimum System Requirements:
Systems: Windows XP, 95/98/2000
  • 486DX/25MHz;
  • 8MB RAM;
  • CD-ROM Drive;
  • SVGA 640x480 256 colors;
  • mouse and sound card recommended.
  • Macintosh:

  • 33MHz 68030+ Macintosh;
  • System 7+;
  • 8MB RAM (6MB free RAM required);
  • 2x CD-ROM drive;
  • 640x480 color monitor (256 colors recommended);
  • mouse and sound card recommended.
  • Product Code: pc20484
    Package: Case.
    Only 14 left in stock!
    Zane Library Collection (179 CD-ROMs)
    Planet Price: $99.00
    Software Packaging:

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