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Product Support

EGames Fishing

Summary: Explore and fish 30 one-of-a-kind lakes with eGames Fishing! Pilot your boat around the lake to catch fish and win prize money. Then upgrade your boat and gear to catch larger fish and complete in bigger tournaments. But watch out! Alligators, sharks and sea monsters are just waiting to steal your catch! Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP

Product support:

Timesink Adware/Spyware

From the manufacturer:

Several Romtech (out of business) and older eGames applications made use of third-party software developed by Conducent Technologies, Inc. The software utility (sometimes referred to as the TimeSink, TSAD.DLL and/or TSADBOT.EXE utilities) was developed by Conducent to allow unattended updates of advertising messages to be displayed. We no longer include, nor have one included for sometime, this software as part of our games. We apologize to anyone who has purchased an older eGames title and offer this utility to remove it. The conducent utility starts up each time the computer is turned on, and then used to use the Internet connection to retrieve information from Conducent's ad servers about what ads to display (and when) in order to refresh the displayed advertising from time to time. This no longer occurs as the ad servers have been take offline. The utility also sent other information to Conducent's ad servers, including the computer's operating system type and IP address, which information permits Conducent to track the number of advertising impressions and "click-throughs" of ads.

The information sent to Conducent's ad servers also identifies the eGames software product being used in order to serve appropriate ads, and to track the ad impressions and click-throughs served to the consumer by that product. These utilities make use of your hard drive when downloading advertisements, create folders to store the files and other data and modify your Windows Registry. This utility is not part of eGames' software, but is integrated into it solely for the purpose of serving and tracking advertisements. If you do not wish to make use of this technology, click here to access a Windows uninstall program to remove this utility from your computer.

If you do not wish to make use of this technology, click here ( to access a Windows uninstall program to remove this utility from your computer.

Proceed as follows to the delete the ad-serving technology from your computer:

Save the file, timesinkpatch.exe, to a Windows folder on your system, making a note of what folder it was sent. If you are playing the game at work on a PC connected to a large Networked system, you should first disconnect your PC from any Network drives. Your Network Administrator can show you how to do this. Exit from your ISP Service provider, and close your Email application, as well as any other applications running in the background. Shutdown the computer then turn it back on. When Windows is done loading, press CTRL ALT DEL and end all tasks except Explorer and Systray (does not apply to WindowsXP or 2000 users). Using Windows Explorer, open the folder to which you detached the patch file and double click on it. Follow the On-Screen instructions to complete the deletion of the TSADBOT program, the Timesink folder, and all related ad generating files. You will have an opportunity to print out the detailed step by step instructions in this process. When finished, you will need to close all windows and re-boot your PC. Note: This patch will only delete Timesink files that have been created by the installation of eGames products that contain the Ad Technology. It will not delete those created during the installation of non-eGames products that contain this technology. Should you subsequently uninstall our game and re-install it, Timesink will be re-created and you will need to rerun the patch.

If the patch doesn't work or if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us at or by any of the other methods on our contact page.

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Manufacturer for EGames Fishing:

Publisher: EGAMES

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